Protestival Schiphol



We’ve signed petitions, joined climate marches and went on strike for the climate. Now we’re going to take action together! On 14 & 15 December, everyone can join Protestival at Schiphol!

Why Schiphol? Because this is the largest tax-free gas station in the Netherlands. In this most central location we want to urge Schiphol to come up with a climate plan!

During Protestival we will take centre stage at Schiphol Plaza: the centre of all the pollution. The plan for the Plaza includes a stage and a programme. This is where everyone can support and encourage the activists. Our aim is not to hinder the passengers, but to address Schiphol Group’s major pollution.


Come to Protestival on Saturday 14 December

On 14 December at 1 p.m the supporting event will start in front of the entrance to Schiphol. There, together we will encourage the activists who are simultaneously taking action inside the Plaza.

Everyone participates: from experienced campaigners to young students. Together we call on Schiphol to come up with a climate plan right now.

Will you be there on Saturday 14 December? The main stage is on the square in front of Schiphol Plaza. Expect not only banners, but also music and acts.

The program is filling up:

  • Radio de Koperen Hond
  • Brownie Dutch
  • Morrend Volk
  • Magic Tom and Yuri
  • Annabel Laura
  • Pink Diamonds
  • Brass Rave Unit
  • Julia Jones
  • Fanfare van de Eerste Liefdesnacht
  • Antillectuel
  • Lucy and the horsemen
  • Straatorkest Eigen Hulp
  • Under my boots
  • Soultravelers
  • DJ Wesley
  • Florian Wolff
  • Rythms of Resistance
  • Johnito

Inside the Plaza: mass action

Well-prepared activists will also be protesting inside Schiphol Plaza. Because the heart of the airport is the center of pollution. Here we will take the stage and hold it for the entire weekend.

Protestival is peaceful and accessible to everyone. That’s why we have an action agreement with our values and principles: what the do’s and don’ts are during the action. All Protestival participants will be expected to adhere to these.