In the Philippines

Greenpeace presence has contributed to the safeguarding of the Filipino’s constitutional rights to a balanced and healthful ecology. Since it opened its office in Manila on March 1, 2000, Greenpeace, together with its allies and working with communities, has worked to champion renewable energy, combat illegal fishing and campaign for clean seas, support and amplify the Filipinos’ call for climate justice, and call for the elimination of toxic chemicals in our environment. Today, Greenpeace Philippines continues to create positive change in the lives of millions of Filipinos as the country strives to grow and develop towards a sustainable future.

Annual Auditor’s Report

Greenpeace is able to run the campaign thanks to the support of independent individuals through donations. We value your trust and are committed to maintaining and strengthening that trust by ensuring that all our work is transparent and accountable to all of you.

Together we are making change

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