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Greenpeace encourages the reproduction and distribution of our materials, electronic products and/or services, including our name and logo. However, there are limits on these uses, and it’s important to know the following ground rules.


In general

Our materials hosted at are free to use for personal or educational purposes. If you want screen shots to use in a text book, or you want to reproduce an article in your community newsletter, there’s no need to ask, provided you read and abide by our ground rules.

We expressly forbid the use of any Greenpeace material appearing at this site, and/or the Greenpeace name and logo, for:

Linking to our website

We love it when you link to us and help spread the word about our campaigns for the environment. You don’t need permission. You are welcome to link to our main site or any of the issue areas you find there.

The Greenpeace logo

“Greenpeace”, including the Greenpeace logo, is an internationally registered trademark belonging to Stichting Greenpeace Council.

Use of the trademark is granted on the condition:

If you do use the logo, please include “Trademark of Stichting Greenpeace Council” in the alt tag or visibly on the page.

The trademark remains the exclusive property of Greenpeace International, and by using it you agree that you shall not, in any way whatsoever, register or attempt to register the trademark or challenge the same.

Articles and Text

Articles and text produced by Greenpeace Philippines are free for personal or educational use. Please do include a note saying: “Source: Greenpeace Philippines (” and reproduce any byline or copyright information provided in the original.

Articles and text from third-party sources remain the intellectual property and copyright of those third-party sources, and permission for use should be sought from these original sources.


Unless otherwise stated, Greenpeace has the copyright to all images and articles hosted at The credit line for such material is © Greenpeace. In others, you’ll see Photographer/Greenpeace. Please reproduce the entire copyright line.

When copyright information is not present; either in an accompanying caption or burned into the photo, attribution can be found by inspecting the image by right-clicking the image and selecting “Inspect” or “View Info”.

©  = All rights reserved to the person(s) or entities named. – Explanations of the other symbols/licences used and the rights derived from them can be found here.

For access to downloadable images and for all licensing or copyright enquiries please visit

Any other use (such as using images for personal or corporate gain) require permission from Greenpeace International Media Library (contact information appears on the site). Commercial use of any Greenpeace image without permission would constitute a copyright infringement and may infringe upon other rights.

News images of reproduction quality (around 8 megabytes in size) distributed by Greenpeace to journalists and agencies are intended for use within fourteen days, and archiving and/or resale of these images is strictly forbidden. After fourteen days, please contact us for licensing.


Use of video is subject to the same conditions as other materials above. However, please note that not all of our videos are available for download.


The content on each subsection of is published and managed by the relevant entity. Pages whose address begins with, for example, are under the editorial control of Greenpeace Philippines. For questions, comments or other feedback, please contact the responsible Greenpeace entity. You can generally see in the URL or at the top of each page which entity’s section you are on.

For the sake of convenience, we may refer to “Greenpeace” on this website when talking about either Greenpeace Philippines or one of the national or regional Greenpeace organisations.

For the sake of convenience, this website and other publications sometimes refer simply to “Greenpeace” when talking about one or more organisations within the network. Moreover, the words “we”, “us” and “our” may also be used to refer to other entities in the Greenpeace network and their respective staff, activists and volunteers.

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