10 years ago, companies committed to eliminate deforestation from their products by 2020 and yet they are no where near to keeping that promise.

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Jakarta– In response to Golden Agri-Resources’ (GAR) statement on a Greenpeace article on how 50M ha of forest will be destroyed as companies disregard zero deforestation pledge [1], Kiki Taufik, Global Head of Indonesia forests campaign for Greenpeace said:

“Eight years ago, GAR committed to forest protection and extended that to cleaning up its third-party suppliers in 2014. After five years we would have expected any serious company to have completed this. However,  GAR is still at the stage of mapping pilots with no commitment to transparently map and monitor all suppliers at the group level or adopt a zero-tolerance approach for suppliers that clear forest. This is yet more proof that the palm oil sector is unwilling to reform. 

“With just over 200 days to go before 2020, time is running out to eliminate forest destroyers from the palm oil supply chain. Brands have a stark choice: force GAR, Musim Mas and other palm oil traders to stop prevaricating and reform, or stop doing business with them altogether.”

Note to the Editor:

[1] On June 11, 2019, Greenpeace International launched a new analysis of more than 50 companies, including GAR, that have made commitments to reduce deforestation in their supply chains by 2020.


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