The Celukan Bawang coal-fired power plant is destroying the health and well-being of people in northern Bali.

The said coal-fired power plant is having a severe negative impact on the local community damaging the environment, people’s health and their ability to make a living and provide for their families. The impacts include: (1) inadequate land compensation due to improper and non-transparent processes; (2) the destruction of livelihoods, especially to farmers and fishermen, which has impoverished the local community; (3) environmental damage caused by coal waste residue on land and at sea; (4) worsening public health with an increase in respiratory illnesses, and inadequate monitoring of the health impacts of the power plant.

Governments at all levels continue to ignore these impacts. The surrounding community is left alone to deal with the problems. Facing these conditions, there are several things that governments must do at various levels:

  • Buleleng District Government: monitor air quality and conduct periodic medical checks on community surrounding the power plant
  • Bali Provincial Government: monitor of the environmental degradation caused by the power plant and cancel the power plant expansion.
  • Central government: develop a national energy plan based on sustainable, renewable energy.

Full report can be downloaded here: Celukan Bawang CFPP Polluting Paradise