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It’s time to say yes to people, no to oil

This Tuesday, an unprecedented journey started on the shores of Vancouver. For the first time ever, six people from as many First Nations set sail on board the Greenpeace ship MY Esperanza to Haida Gwaii, to help connect coastal communities opposing pipelines and super tankers to the seven-million-strong global movement against Arctic oil drilling.
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How fast could the federal government put a greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program in...

Blog entry by Keith Stewart | April 27, 2011

The speed with which we could put in place a cap-and-trade program is, much to my surprise, a key question in the federal election campaign. The answer is: not long at all, if a government is willing to simply act on the ten years...

OPG denies public information on Chernobyl-type accidents at Ontario reactors

Feature story | April 26, 2011 at 10:49

(Toronto) – Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has refused to release information on the potential health and environmental impacts of a radiation release from a Chernobyl- or a Fukushima-like accident at its reactors, denying Canadians access to...

Dramatic action: Greenpeace activists halt oil rig heading to the Arctic

Feature story | April 22, 2011 at 11:50

Turkey — Greenpeace activists, including one Canadian, are demanding an end to reckless deepwater oil drilling and taking bold action to stop the oil rig Leiv Eiriksson as it departs Turkey bound for the Arctic waters of Greenland to begin drilling.

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