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It’s time to say yes to people, no to oil

This Tuesday, an unprecedented journey started on the shores of Vancouver. For the first time ever, six people from as many First Nations set sail on board the Greenpeace ship MY Esperanza to Haida Gwaii, to help connect coastal communities opposing pipelines and super tankers to the seven-million-strong global movement against Arctic oil drilling.
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Join us in July: Action for Jobs, Justice and the Climate

Blog entry by Julia Levin | June 25, 2015

The weather is heating up and so is the movement of #PeopleVsOil !   In June we were on the west coast confronting Shell’s pursuit of extreme oil as it sails north to the Arctic to start drilling, and this month we are taking to the...

Greenpeace apology to Inuit for impacts of seal campaign

Blog entry by Joanna Kerr | June 25, 2015

A seal pup and a hunter — and a Greenpeace activist standing between them. That’s the image many indigenous inhabitants of Northern Canada still see when someone says the word ‘Greenpeace’ — even though we have not actively...

The Pathway to Climate Leadership is Paved with Solar Not Tarsands

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | June 25, 2015

Dear Premier Rachel Notley, I wanted to start by commending you for supporting the call for an inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women . We have lost too many of our sisters, mothers, and friends with no explanation and...

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