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Greenpeace Supermarket Report: Canadian consumers want their oceans protected

Greenpeace Canada’s latest report ranking Canada’s big retailers on seafood sustainability urges the retail giants to take the next step and support the creation of oceans sanctuaries.
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Unilever rises to the challenge

Feature story | May 14, 2008 at 17:00

Unilever has shown that beauty isn’t just skin deep. Following our campaign and thanks to your support, the company has taken the bold step to support our call for a moratorium on cutting down trees in Indonesia for palm oil plantations.

You Are What You Eat. The Questions Is: WHAT Are You Eating?

Blog entry by Bruce Cox | May 14, 2008

( Cross-posted from Tomorrow Today ) At three meals a day you would think we would have a better read on what we are eating and feeding to our kids, but in fact a lot of the ingredients remain a mystery. Sadly that sits well with...

What exactly is an 'adequate safety margin' when it comes to a nuclear station 30KMs...

Blog entry | May 14, 2008 1 comment

Today's Toronto Star features an article that reports on the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's findings about Pickering B's "erosion of safety margins". Well-timed piece that supports Shawn-Patrick's presentation at today's ...

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