Local groups

Greenpeace Local Groups are made up of self-organizing volunteers who are driving change in their community and beyond. These groups work semi-autonomously to campaign on local issues or support Greenpeace campaigns nationally and internationally with local events.

They hold regular group meetings, organize outreach events, have trainings and launch campaigns - all while supporting a people-powered movement across Canada. Whether interested in starting a new group or joining an existing group - you’ll receive support and resources from Greenpeace to become a leader in your community. This is a perfect opportunity for a volunteer who wants to take their local activism to the next level and work with Greenpeace. To find out more, see the pages below or contact a Local Group Coordinator in your area:

Join a Local Group

Join a Local Group in your community by visiting their Greenwire or Facebook pages (see below) and contacting the group members or better yet, attending their next meeting or event.

Ontario and the Prairies

British Columbia and Alberta

Start a Local Group

Interested in starting your own local group?

This takes a lot of work and dedication. Are you well organized and good at motivating other people? Do you enjoy organizing events and projects? Do you want to develop your leadership capacity? Are you passionate about Greenpeace campaigns and values? Can you commit to at least a year of building, organizing and leading a group as a volunteer? Let us know if this interests you, we'll get you more information and staff will help you get started.


Meet the team

We are dedicated staff at Greenpeace Canada that support our Local Groups across the country with ongoing coaching and mentoring, training and campaign opportunities, as well as other resources that you’ll need to be successful. Get in touch with us to explore Local Group opportunities:

Aspa Tzaras
National Local Group Coordinator & Greenwire Community Manager

Connect with Aspa directly through her Greenwire profile