With Greenpeace your Will really makes waves

Page - January 19, 2010
We are custodians of the planet for but a moment in history. We inherit the earth from our ancestors and in turn bequeath it to future generations.

Greenpeace ship MY Esperanza and her inflatables , try to hinder the shooting and eventual transfer of a minke whale by the Yushin Maru No.2 catcher ship. After two and a half hours of running the gauntlet between the harpoon and the whale the activists witnessed the eventual kill of the whale. Greenpeace is using every peaceful means available means to bring the hunt to an early end and make it the last time the Sanctuary is breached by the whalers.

Making a Will. Doesn’t sound exciting, does it?

But if you’ve cheered on as Greenpeace chase after whaling boats, climb power plant chimneys and face all sorts of dangers to defend the natural world - or if you’ve joined in protests yourself - why stop?

A gift in your Will will mean you’ll still be standing up to the environmental criminals, still be protecting our precious oceans and forests, still be preserving species and making all our lives better, even when you’re gone.

So go on, be a rebel. Remember Greenpeace in your Will.

For more information about how to leave a gift to Greenpeace in your will, please contact Fenella on: (09) 630 6317 ext. 71 or email: .

Take action. Today.