Whatever you choose, you’ll be taking bold action for the environment after you’re gone.

For more information on how to donate to Greenpeace in my will, please contact Brenna Gotje.
Tel: +64 09 200 4129 or email: [email protected]

*Donated assets would be sold for vital campaign funds.

Our promise to you

If you choose to make Greenpeace a beneficiary in your Will, we promise to use the funds entrusted to us responsibly, efficiently and for the reason they were given. 

For many people, their last Will requires them to make personal, sensitive, and sometimes difficult decisions. We take the time to have one on one discussions with you about your decision to include Greenpeace. However, we are not legal advisors so we recommend that you consult an independent lawyer.

Honesty is a matter of course for Greenpeace. We only make promises that we are sure we can deliver on. If you do decide to think of Greenpeace we promise to do everything we can to ensure your last Will is implemented conscientiously. In our annual report, we openly and transparently show how donations, such as bequests, benefit environmental protection.

People who include Greenpeace in their last Will place their trust in us. We therefore treat their wishes and those of their relatives with utmost respect. All discussions with donors who would like to include Greenpeace in their Will are always confidential.

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