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Nairobi,  4 February 2021- Kenya Power plans to cut the cost of electricity bills in the country by replacing its thermal power stations with solar and wind electricity generating machines. KPLC intends to retrofit 23 of its stations with solar and wind power producing capabilities. Responding to these developments, Greenpeace Africa’s Campaigner Amos Wemanya has said:

“Greenpeace Africa commends Kenya Power’s plans to shift from diesel-powered generators to solar and wind power. This shift will significantly reduce harmful emissions that contribute to the current global climate crisis.  

“In recent years, several countries in Africa including Kenya have experienced destructive extreme weather events such as floods, droughts and cyclones as a result of the changing climate. Shifting investments from dirty fossil fuels such as coal and diesel to renewable energy sources has a huge potential of enabling communities to build resilience to climate change impacts, driving inclusive economic growth and creating job opportunities.

“The government needs to rescind its plans to pursue both the coal-fired power plant in Lamu and its nuclear energy ambitions. Moving away from harmful fossil fuels such as coal and expensive energy sources such as nuclear energy to renewables is necessary for Kenya to achieve universal energy access. Deployment of renewable energy comes with health, economic and environmental benefits.

“Kenya has the potential to lead the world in a transition to 100 percent renewable, secure and affordable energy access for all by 2030. Prioritising universal energy access for every Kenyan through renewable energy investments needs to be Kenya’s government goal. Investment in renewable energy offers numerous opportunities and benefits for all Kenyans.”

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