In response to news that Agriculture Investment and Market Development Project (known by its French acronym- PIDMA) officials are augmenting food supply in Cameroon by importing 1000 tons of hybrid corn seeds from South Africa, Greenpeace’s Forest Campaigner, Sylvie Djacbou said:“For farmers who have largely believed in the efficiency of traditional farming methods, Greenpeace Africa is alarmed that PIDMA is introducing genetically modified (GM) corn seeds to them without adequately training the farmers about the environmental pitfalls of such products.

“Cameroon is importing the yellow (Pannar 12) and white (Pannar 15) hybrid corn seeds. The vast majority of GE crops are insect resistant or herbicide tolerant. These traits are known to have adverse effects on local ecosystems and could well compromise the farming system based on traditional seeds. Dependency on the GM seeds will firmly push local farmers into continuous dependence on massive agrochemical use that have adverse effect on the environment.

“We believe it is disingenuous for PIDMA to emphasise farmer’s profitability at the expense of strengthening food security and long term sustainability of the agricultural sector. Cameroonian agriculture officials and their World Bank partners should revive and encourage traditional and ecological farming practices that enabled Cameroon to export corn until forty-four years ago.”

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