16 May 2018 (VANCOUVER) — In response to the federal government’s announcement that it is willing to indemnify the Trans Mountain Expansion Project against risks posed by opposition from the B.C. government, Greenpeace Canada Climate & Energy Campaigner Mike Hudema said:

“It seems like not even Kinder Morgan wants to move forward with this destructive project. Signing a taxpayer-backed blank cheque with Kinder Morgan’s name on it is the definition of throwing good money after bad and Canadians shouldn’t be on the hook for the big losses this project will likely incur.

“The risks facing this project go far beyond the B.C. government, and Kinder Morgan knows it. Those risks include legal challenges from First Nations, environmental groups and municipal governments, potential legislation in the U.S., along with growing on-the-ground opposition from Land and Water Protectors willing to face arrest to stop this project — from Vancouver to Seattle to Quebec, and beyond. This project isn’t moving forward. The federal government should cut their losses not double down on them.”



Jesse Firempong, Greenpeace Canada, 778-996-6549, jesse.firempong@greenpeace.org