24 May 2018 (VANCOUVER) — In response to the B.C. Supreme Court’s ruling against the Squamish Nation in Squamish Nation v British Columbia (Environment), Greenpeace Canada Climate & Energy Campaigner Mike Hudema said:

“This really does little to change the overwhelming obstacles before Kinder Morgan’s failing pipeline and tanker project. Kinder Morgan still faces a litany of legal challenges, growing on-the-ground resistance and crumbling project economics. None of those changed today and the prospects for this destructive pipeline and tanker project are as dismal as they have ever been.

“If governments truly care about reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, they should respect their right to consent, or not consent, to projects that impact their territories and communities — and adhere to the highest standards on Indigenous rights, which go well beyond the bare minimums set by the courts. Our governments can and must do better. Squamish may appeal the decision to try to raise that bar and we support them in their continued leadership to protect their lands and waters from the destruction this pipeline and tanker proposal would bring to it.”


Contact: Mike Hudema, Greenpeace Canada, 780-504-5601.