Greenpeace Canada reaction to the federal climate plan

OTTAWA  In reaction to the Climate plan released today by the federal government, Keith Stewart Senior Energy Strategist at Greenpeace Canada, said:

“The proposed increase in the carbon price is a bold move to embed the polluter-pay principle in Canada’s climate plan, as putting a price on pollution is an important piece of the climate solution along with strong regulations and clean energy investments. Working with allies like Europe and the U.S. to establish innovative ways to ensure this can’t be undercut by companies shifting profits or operations to countries lacking strong climate policies can help ensure that big polluters also pay their fair share.

This is a serious and well-thought out plan to achieve our 30 per cent reduction target, but we will need to do much more to fully decarbonize our economy, which is what climate science tells us is the way to protect our economy and ecosystems. Canada can’t keep pretending that we can solve the climate crisis while expanding oil and gas production and building new pipelines. We still need the plan showing us how the federal government will lead the necessary and inevitable transition from fossil fuels to renewables, while creating green jobs and ensuring fair treatment for the workers and communities currently dependent on oil.”


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