Montreal – In response to the findings of the BAPE (environmental assessment board) report on the GNL Quebec project, Patrick Bonin, Climate-Energy Campaign Manager at Greenpeace Canada said: 

“The BAPE confirms that the Legault government does not have the greenlight on GNL since it does not respect the conditions the government set out, namely social license and respect for the environment. This project is environmentally, socially and ecologically unacceptable, and there’s nothing left to do except bury it once and for all. 

“It is no longer time to evaluate the project, it is time to reject it. The conditions set by the government can never be respected, given that the majority of the population is opposed to this project, which would not reduce greenhouse gases, would not respect the Paris Agreement, would threaten belugas and would increase electricity rates for millions of Quebecers. GNL Quebec is clinically dead, as the BAPE concludes that it presents more risks than benefits and would result in a net addition of GHG emissions that would worsen the climate crisis. This is yet another nail in the coffin for GNL that confirms that the Legault government must quickly mourn the project and focus on implementing a green and just recovery. “



Greenpeace and several organizations co-signed a joint statement distributed following the release of the BAPE report. 

According to a Léger poll published on March 23, 2021, 52% of Quebecers are against the LNG Quebec project while only 27% are in favor. 

Last week, Greenpeace, environmental and citizen groups deployed banners across Quebec to show their opposition to the project and to remind people that it does not have a social license.

For more information, contact: 

Patrick Bonin, Climate-Energy Campaign Manager, Greenpeace Canada

514-594-1221, [email protected]