MONTRÉAL – In reaction to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s speech at the UN Climate Ambition Summit, Greenpeace Canada climate campaigner Salomé Sané said:

“Communities across the world are living through the violent impacts of the climate crisis and the record summer of fires, floods and heatwaves is not over yet. The Ambition Summit is supposed to be for ‘movers and doers’, but PM Trudeau arrived with more promises, but not much action, a testimony of Canada’s poor track record on ambition, emissions reductions and climate finance. Ahead of COP 28, the federal government must pair funding with raising its emissions target, ensuring a robust emissions cap regulation for oil and gas, commiting to a global fossil fuel phaseout and putting a halt to new oil and gas projects that will lock us into even more destructive climate chaos. Lives and livelihoods are already being lost at the hands of big polluters. The government must stop delaying action and make fossil fuel companies pay for the cost of catastrophic climate impacts they are responsible for.”

As the world looks ahead to COP 28, all eyes will be on Canada to see if it will rise to the occasion and take action at the level needed to combat the climate crisis effectively. 


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