Woodland Caribou in Canada
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#Forests Protect the Woodland Boreal Caribou

After 5 years of delaying, provinces and territories have failed to follow through with measures to protect the boreal woodland caribou. Herds have been declining…

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3 November, 2018 (Vancouver) – In response to the British Columbia government working on a protection plan for the threatened caribou, Eduardo Sousa, senior forest campaigner at Greenpeace Canada said:

“Caribou are on the brink of extinction and abandoning them to their demise will not benefit anyone. If there is going to be an effective caribou protection and recovery plan rooted in First Nations decision-making, it needs to be based in habitat protection. The jobs versus environment narrative is a false premise to look at caribou recovery and is rooted in 20th century thinking. We need to look ahead at transition planning so that a healthy economy and healthy caribou populations can once again nurture one another.”



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