Woodland Caribou in Canada
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#Forests Protect the Woodland Boreal Caribou

After 5 years of delaying, provinces and territories have failed to follow through with measures to protect the boreal woodland caribou. Herds have been declining…

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5 December, 2018 (Ottawa) – In response to the federal government’s launch of the Target 1 Challenge, which is part of Canada’s Nature Fund and offers up to $175 million toward projects that protect nature, Reykia Fick, forest campaigner at Greenpeace Canada said:

“We are pleased the Government of Canada remains committed to its global target of protecting 17 per cent of Canada’s land and inland water by 2020 and highlights Indigenous Conserved and Protected Areas as a key component to meeting this goal. Supporting the strong leadership of Indigenous nations is indeed critical to protecting biodiversity and furthering the work of reconciliation. We strongly believe the goal can be achieved but it is imperative the government ensures Indigenous governments have the conditions needed to access the Target 1 Challenge funding.

“Meeting Canada’s international biodiversity commitments is an essential part of halting a global  decline in wildlife and mitigating climate change. Beyond 2020, the federal government will need to support ambitious, evidence-based targets. Research suggests we need to conserve between 30 and 70 per cent of lands and waters in order to successfully conserve biodiversity and maintain forest carbon sinks.”



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Marie Moucarry, Communications officer, Greenpeace Canada, 438-993-6127, [email protected]