June 7, 2019  – (TORONTO) – In reaction to the Alberta government’s update on its $30 million ‘war room’ that will attack environmental organizations raising concerns about the environmental impacts of the oil industry, Keith Stewart, senior energy strategist with  Greenpeace Canada said:

“We all understand wishing that the oil boom could go on forever as if climate change didn’t exist, but that’s not the world we live in. Jason Kenney can spend $30 million on political theater to try to distract us from the deadly seriousness of climate scientists’ warnings, but that won’t keep wildfires, heat waves or floods from getting worse or stop the seas from rising. Shooting the messenger might make for great election campaign rhetoric, but ignoring inconvenient truths does nothing to prepare Alberta for the coming transition off of fossil fuels. ”  


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Loujain Kudi, Communications Officer, lokurdi@Greenpeace.org, 514-577-6657