The signs of the climate emergency are getting worse everywhere we look: from the deadly Australian bushfires to flooding in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick last year. Despite these danger signs, Canada’s government is considering a new, massive fossil fuel project.

Vancouver-based Teck Resource’s proposed Frontier Mine (“Teck mine”) is a new open-pit mine to extract oil from the Alberta tar sands. If approved and built, it would be one of the largest tar sands mine ever constructed and one of the largest climate polluters in Canada (If it were operating now it would be the 5th largest source of GHGs in Canada) [1]. It would operate until 2067, even though Canada has committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 [2].

The Trudeau government must decide whether to approve the mine by the end of February. 

Join the movement to Reject Teck by taking part in the following online actions — they each take less than 5 minutes, and pair well with a morning coffee or a late-night herbal tea!

Let’s tell the Trudeau government and Teck Resources that we want green energy, not another tar sands mega-mine.

1. Send an email to Justin Trudeau’s cabinet

The first step is to show your opposition to this project by emailing the people that need to take that decision. If you’ve already emailed Justin Trudeau’s cabinet using this form, you can move on to the next step. Thank you!

2. Ask your friends and family to oppose this project

You can add a little 90’s spirit to your post and tag 6 of your friends and challenge them to #RejectTeck !

3. Expose the potential destruction the mine would cause on Google Maps

Teck Resources has offices in Vancouver and Toronto. You can help show the world what their proposed mine is jeopardizing by linking the photo below to their office locations for all to see. Too often, companies get away with sweeping environmental harms under the rug. 

  1. Login to your Google Account.
  2. Go to the listing of Teck Resources Vancouver or Teck Resources Toronto on Google Map.
  3. Add a one-star review
  4. Write a review along these lines “I don’t want the Teck Frontier to be built. It’s a destructive mega-project that will not only trample Indigenous rights, but also emit 6 million tonnes of greenhouse gases per year, damage an area of the boreal forest more than twice the size of Vancouver, and threaten unique biodiversity” [3A & B, 4].
  5. Download and add this photo or this one.

4. Tell Teck how you really feel

Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin

First, log in to your accounts. You can post your messages in the comment section of the latest post of Teck Facebook page or below their latest video on Youtube or their latest publication on Linkedin.

Message suggestion:  I want green jobs and a livable planet, not another tar sands mega-mine. Be like me: #RejectTeck >>

Or craft your own message! Don’t forget to share the link and the hashtag to invite people to oppose this project.

You can tweet this message or create your own targeting @TeckResources (remember to put a period before tagging Teck so everyone on Twitter can see it, like in the example below).

. I 
Australia is burning.
Canada doesn’t need to fuel the fires of the  with another destructive oil mega-project.
. I 
Justin Trudeau’s cabinet should be ashamed to even be considering a new tar sands mine while so many people and living things have already lost their lives or homes in climate change-fueled catastrophes.

Don’t forget to add #RejectTeck and tag @GreenpeaceCA if you write a custom tweet.

5. Write a letter to your local newspaper

A letter to the editor is a letter intended for publication in your local newspaper. When you feel strongly about an issue, like rejecting the Teck mine, and you want to let people know what you think and inspire them to take action, you can write a letter to your editor and get published.

Here are quick talking points you can use to write your letter to the editor. Personalize it to state your opinion in your own words! Keep your letter short; aim for 125-175 words.

  • Climate change is happening here and now – and I don’t want this destructive mega-project that will emit 6 million tonnes of greenhouse gases per year destroy the boreal forest over an area twice the size of Vancouver, trample Indigenous rights and threaten unique biodiversity to be built.  [Personalize with your age, something you’re concerned about, etc.]
  • If approved, the Teck Frontier mine would operate for more than 40 years, locking in carbon pollution until 2067, even though Canada has committed to net-zero emissions by 2050.  
  • It would generate 6 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent each year.  That’s more carbon than is expected to be reduced by Trudeau’s pledge to plant 2 billion trees [5].
  • The mine would likely have significant negative impacts on nature and wildlife: It would destroy nearly 3,000 hectares of old-growth forest and 14,000 hectares of wetlands [6]. It would threaten to destroy large portions of habitat for one of the only free-roaming, disease-free herds of Wood Bison, jeopardizing the species’ recovery [7]. It also threatens the habitat of the critically endangered Whooping Crane [8]. The mine may also threaten Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada’s largest national park, located 30 km north of the proposed mine site [9].

6. Organize a Teck Toc night with your friends

Gather with your friends and take 1-5 actions alongside with them!

If you need advice or have questions, email [email protected].

7. Meet with your MP

In collaboration with Lead Now, we are inviting as many citizens as possible to meet with their MPs from February 10 to 14. This week is key because it is the last time MPs will be in their ridings before the Cabinet makes its decision to approve or reject Teck’s mine. We will provide a toolkit, including instructions for how to proceed and amplify on social media, a Reject Teck sign, and a card to give to your MP. You can do it alone or in a group. This is our opportunity to make sure that ministers, Liberal MPs, and all of our representatives hear one message consistently: Reject Teck. For more information, contact [email protected].

You don’t see a suggestion that matches your interests and expertise in this list? Email [email protected]!

Only you know how much you can do and any help to fight this project is welcome! Acting on the climate emergency in any way helps soothe climate anxiety, offers a sense of purpose … plus, gathering friends together to fight this project together is fun!