A chill is in the air. The leaves are changing colours. And birds are flying South. This can mean only one thing: Halloween season is upon us. 👻🎃

But this year, you won’t need to look too far to find a truly horrifying story. The climate crisis is deepening, and the science is clear: Continuing to invest in fossil fuel expansion is not sustainable economically, nor is it sustainable for the planet. We need to immediately phase out fossil fuels and invest in green and sustainable energy. But we’re not.

Since the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015, RBC, Scotiabank, TD, BMO, CIBC, and Desjardins have funneled over $900 BILLION into fossil fuel projects that violate Indigenous rights while simultaneously attempting to cloud us with their greenwashing tactics. Terrifying, right?

Slowly but surely, banks’ deceptive strategies are being exposed. They’re feeling the pressure — and people are taking notice. 

So this Halloween, join in on the fun! It’s time to give the banks some goosebumps by calling out their chilling indifference to climate change.


Which fossil bank is using your savings to fund fossil fuel colonialism? Send them a targeted tweet. You can also personalize the character and/or the bank to your liking before you send your tweet:


Michael Myers won’t be coming this Halloween! 🎃🕯️ Climate change is too frightening, even for him. Who plays a part in that chaos, you ask? #FossilBanks like @RBC, and it’s time to call them out >> https://act.gp/3DxQQVA @GreenpeaceCA


.@scotiabank, your greenwashing tactics are as scary as Pennywise! 🤡😱 Stop funding #FossilFuels, respect Indigenous rights. https://act.gp/3DxQQVA #FossilBanks @greenpeaceCA


It’s ~ HORROR SEASON ~ 👻🎃! But what’s even scarier than Freddy Krueger is what @TD_Canada’s doing to frontline communities and to the planet through their fossil fuel funding. Let’s put an end to their shenanigans >> https://act.gp/3DxQQVA #FossilBanks @GreenpeaceCA


There is nothing quite as haunting as @BMO’s financial support to fossil fuels, not even the Babadook!! 👻🎩 Tell #FossilBanks to #KeepItInTheGround >> https://act.gp/3DxQQVA @GreenpeaceCA


👻😱 BOO! If you thought Annabelle was scary, wait till you find out how @cibc is wrecking the planet through fossil fuel funding! Tell #FossilBanks to stop their terrifying tactics >> https://act.gp/3DxQQVA @GreenpeaceCA


👻 Who’s worse: Chucky, a fictional horror character, or @DesjardinsCoop, who invested BILLIONS in fossil fuels? I think you know the answer. 👀 No more #FossilBanks! https://act.gp/3DxQQVA @greenpeaceCA

Time for these CEOs to be the leaders they claim to be: take responsibility for your dirty investments, phase out of fossil fuels, and respect Indigenous rights. Find more ways to take action on our Fossil Banks Campaign page here.