On Friday, in over 1325 places, in 98 countries young people around the world will walk out of their classrooms to push for urgent action on the growing climate crisis.

As young people fight for our future. We thought we’d put together a few ways us older folk can help.

If you’re a grown-up, parent, grandparent, teacher, or simply an ally, and the striking kids have inspired you (and/or you just want a healthy climate free from climate chaos) here’s three things you can do to support.

3 ways to support the climate strikes:

  1. Amplify

There are going to be a lot of amazing voices, stories, pictures and videos coming out of the strikes and one of the easiest things you can do is to give a megaphone to their message by sharing content on your social media networks (facebook, twitter, instagram etc.) and with your friends and colleagues.

It’s a simple act but it helps ensure their call for urgent climate action is heard by as many ears and people as possible.

(Looking for content? Follow the hashtags #ClimateMarch, #FridaysForFuture and #YouthStrike4Climate or just look to Greta Thunberg’s accounts – the 16-year old that was the first youth striker). We will also be tweeting all day so feel free to follow us @GreenpeaceCA or @MikeHudema.

  1. Join the strike as an ally

Most calls for strikes on 15 March ask for solidarity from adults, and welcome everyone to join (though good to check with local organizers).

If you choose to join a strike, map of all planned 15 March strikes, try to do so as respectfully as possible. Remember this is a youth led movement and be mindful about your role as an adult.

Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg leads a march of thousands of Belgian students who, for the seventh Thursday in a row, march through Brussels in order to draw attention to climate change.

So stay on the sidelines, cheer the strikers on, take photos or videos and share what’s happening on social media to inform and inspire people who can’t join. Remember to add the #climatestrike and #fridaysforfuture hashtags!

Try to ensure the content you share is uplifting youth voices (especially those often underrepresented). If it’s not too intrusive (and you ask permission) ask some of the youth directly why they are taking this bold action.

Afterwards ask them if you can help with the clean-up or how you can support the next one.

  1. Join or start your own supportive event

It’s not just up to young people to save the planet. This fight is about all of us and we need you if we’re going to turn this ship away from disaster. You can join a Greenpeace local group here if there’s one in your area. If there’s not don’t worry you don’t need us to help start taking action. Just find a few other compatriots and start the conversation.

If you ever do need help we’re here to help support.

Together, we can combat this crisis with love, and justice, and hope.