Brussels – The European Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change made a series of recommendations for changes to EU policy needed to cut carbon emissions and avoid catastrophic climate breakdown.

The scientific advisors recommend a phase out of fossil fuels, as well as measures to reduce consumption, restore nature and transition to sustainable farming with less meat and dairy.

Greenpeace EU climate campaigner Silvia Pastorelli said: “The EU’s own scientific advisors are saying that the EU talks a big game on climate, but then doesn’t actually deliver. Europe has left serious emissions cuts very late, so the curve now has to be steeper, and EU policies still aren’t in line to achieve this. The EU must set a date for the end of all fossil fuels and start the plans to make that a reality in a way that protects the most vulnerable. The advisors are clear that they don’t see new nuclear as part of the solution, it’s far too slow and expensive to do anything other than waste time and money needed for renewables and energy savings. Europe must also restore its nature, to help protect us from extreme weather, and make sure farmers are properly supported to shift to truly sustainable agriculture.”


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