Many of us will remember how, at the end of 2020, the Philippines grappled with a Climate Emergency while in the middle of the pandemic. The devastation left in the wake of Typhoons Quinta and Rolly, and Super Typhoon Ulysses, reminded us that the country is still facing an even bigger crisis beyond COVID. It also brought home that the climate crisis is not just about food, water, oceans, and biodiversity crises—it is, above all, about lives, livelihoods, health, jobs, and having a roof over one’s head.

In 2021, this call for climate action and justice is now even more urgent. Following our work to highlight how a green and just recovery can create a #BetterNormal for all of us, Greenpeace will continue to work hand in hand with groups, coalitions, communities, and the youth to ensure a #BetterNormal for the climate is achieved.