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It’s time to say yes to people, no to oil

This Tuesday, an unprecedented journey started on the shores of Vancouver. For the first time ever, six people from as many First Nations set sail on board the Greenpeace ship MY Esperanza to Haida Gwaii, to help connect coastal communities opposing pipelines and super tankers to the seven-million-strong global movement against Arctic oil drilling.
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Want to be the captain of an oil tanker?

Blog entry by Stephanie Goodwin | March 28, 2011

The people in downtown Vancouver got a taste of the tough turns and hazards facing oil tankers if Enbridge's proposal to build oil pipelines to BC's Great Bear Rainforest is built.  Across the street from Enbridge's office,...

Greenpeace radiation team: extend Fukushima evacuation zone, especially to protect...

Blog entry by Brian Blomme | March 27, 2011

Greenpeace radiation experts are continuing their work in the Fukushima area. They have confirmed radiation levels of up to ten micro Sieverts per hour (1) in Iitate village, 40km northwest of the crisis-stricken Fukushima/Daiichi...

Greenpeace experts monitoring Fukushima radiation

Blog entry by Brian Blomme | March 26, 2011

Greenpeace has sent experts into the Fukushima area to monitor for radiation. This comes at a time when the Japanese government is saying there is a “possible breech” at the Fukushima reactor. And when radiation levels are reported to...

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