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Best Buy does Better for Canada’s Forests, Commits to Sustainable Paper

Today the world’s largest electronics retailer, Best Buy, announced major improvements to its paper supply chain to better protect Canada’s Boreal Forest, one of the lungs of our planet and a vital buffer against climate change.
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Statement from Greenpeace Canada Executive Director, Joanna Kerr, on Nazca Lines Situation

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Will Syncrude Duck Responsibility?

Blog entry by Bruce Cox | September 14, 2009 5 comments

“We’re very saddened and sorry that this occurred” So read the Syncrude press release of April 8th, 2008 apologizing for the death of what was then believed to be 500 waterfowl, mostly ducks, on their toxic tailing ponds in the...

Alberta tar sands a major climate and economic threat:Greenpeace report

Feature story | September 13, 2009 at 17:00

A new Greenpeace report details how the world’s addiction to oil is increasing the threat the Alberta tar sands pose to the global climate.

Rainbow Warrior activists join fight to protect Bluefin tuna

Blog entry by Sarah King | September 12, 2009

a press release from the Rainbow Warrior while on an expedition in the Pacific......... Greenpeace calls on governments to support a ban on Bluefin Tuna Trade Izmir , Turkey, 11 September 2009 - Greenpeace activists on board...

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