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Call AbitibiBowater and demand an end to logging in intact forests.

Feature story | October 19, 2008 at 17:00

Place a call today to AbitibiBowater’s head office and urge them to defer logging in intact Boreal Forests.Let them know you want them to make sustainable forestry a reality.

Tar Sands: Ground Zero

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | October 17, 2008

OIL SANDS-PART 2: "Where I Come From Is Ground Zero" Chris Arsenault* FT. MCMURRAY, Oct 17 (IPS) - The wheels of the Caterpillar 797B, the world's largest truck, are always going round and round at Shell Canada's Albian...

Tar Sands Show Down Part 1

Blog entry by Mike Hudema | October 17, 2008 2 comments

OIL SANDS-PART 1: Showdown at Ft. McMoney Chris Arsenault* FT. MCMURRY, Canada, Oct 16 (IPS) - The sun rises in a bright, red line over flat land, small lakes, boreal...

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