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Help Best Buy get out of ancient forests

Today Greenpeace released a report exposing Best Buy, the giant electronics retailer, for fueling destruction in Canada’s Boreal Forest. Our report reveals the company is sourcing an incredible 100 million pounds of paper every year to produce throw-away flyers from the world’s last great forest.
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Empty but dangerous promises

Blog entry by Josh Brandon | February 1, 2008

Monsanto is promising a new range of genetically engineered crops in coming years that will solve global warming, reduce the use of toxic pesticides and end hunger. Don’t count on it. Greenwashing is one of the favourite tactics of...

Dont mention the cliff!

Blog entry by Josh Brandon | February 1, 2008 2 comments

We're heading for the edge and Environment Minister, John Baird 's solution is to tell scientists from Canada’s Department of Environment to shut up .  It seems the federal Conservative government fears that some inconvenient truths...

The Future of Food

Blog entry by Josh Brandon | January 31, 2008

Come to the Greenpeace office in Vancouver on Friday February 1st for the first of a monthly film series.  The Future of Food is showing at 6:30 at 1726 Commercial Drive at East 1st avenue.  Meet other GE free activists, and join...

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