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Caring about the climate is not a crime in Canada. Yet

When I read the RCMP’s January 2014 assessment of what they call the “growing, highly organized and well-financed, anti-Canadian petroleum movement” that was leaked to the French-language newspaper LaPresse, my first reaction was to laugh at just how ridiculous it was.
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What exactly is an 'adequate safety margin' when it comes to a nuclear station 30KMs...

Blog entry | May 14, 2008 1 comment

Today's Toronto Star features an article that reports on the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's findings about Pickering B's "erosion of safety margins". Well-timed piece that supports Shawn-Patrick's presentation at today's ...

Monsanto plays at sabotaging democracy across the Americas

Blog entry by Josh Brandon | May 13, 2008 2 comments

Last week, the Monsanto succeeded in undermining a right to know bill that would have seen GE food finally labelled in Canada.  Today, on the other side of the hemisphere they managed to force out the last government minister standing...

99% of British Columbians want the right to know!

Blog entry by Josh Brandon | May 13, 2008

A new poll by the Canadian Cancer Society finds "Virtually all (99%) British Columbians agree that consumers have a right to know the ingredients that are contained in the products they purchase, and the vast majority (97%) would...

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