Amazing Opportunity for Experienced Frontliners

Page - March 31, 2010
This is a unique opportunity open only to experienced recruiters and team leaders.

Greenpeace Aotearoa NZ offers a unique opportunity to experienced, high performing Direct Dialoguers (called Outreach Campaigners in New Zealand) to join us.

New Zealand is one place in the world where you can develop your skills and strengthen your Greenpeace fundraising career while trekking our national parks, climbing our mountains, surfing at any of the remote surf beaches that line our shores or camping beside our lakes and rivers.  Not only will you get to work with and meet amazing people every day you also get to travel this beautiful nation while earning money and experiencing the kiwi culture, learning about our indigenous Maori and being part of our unique life-style.

Every year we accept many overseas candidates to our frontline and travel teams. Our programme is so popular with international recruits we only accept the very best there is from around the world! During your time with us, we will take you through the whole face to face programme, you will see how we train and coach new recruits, participate in and learn how we appeal to people on the Street or Door, how we manage our travel teams and how we keep the programme exciting for people who have worked for us for many years. You will also gain some great insights into the issues that Greenpeace New Zealand tackle every day and participate in the NZ Greenpeace office social and campaign related events.

What about your flight out to NZ?

You will need to pay for your flight yourself however if you need help covering the cost then GPNZ may be able to loan you the cost of the flight and you can pay back an agreed amount out of your wages each week. However, we must be quite sure that you have what it takes to be a great Outreach Campaigner so we will need reference checks and results endorsement from your previous job.

Pay Rate

Outreach Campaigners will be paid at the following rates:

  • $17.50 per hour base rate to start.  If you are below target for 2 or more weeks your pay will drop to $15.00 per hour until they next reach their weekly target.
  • On top of this basic pay rate we operate a great incentives scheme which is based around meeting targets and quality of sign ups. It is quite straight forward and we can talk you through this at interview stage.
  • Outreach Campaigners will accrue holiday pay at a rate of 8% on top of their hourly pay rate. This can be taken as time or paid out in cash at the end of a  contract.
  • Travel team members can earn per diems for 5-7 days per week depending on meeting targets. The per diems are $45 per day (to give you an idea of costs: a dorm room in a hostel for the night is about $20-$25 and food is cheap: a reasonable dinner can be bought for $10)
  • Greenpeace cover petrol costs while travelling.
  • We also have great prizes for reaching milestones: 50, 100, 200 sign-ups for instance.

Conditions of getting a job with GPNZ

  • Minimum time to be working for GPNZ is 6 months.
  • ‘Street’ travelling teams must reach a target of minimum 0.6 sign ups per hour for every on street hour worked.
  • ‘Door’ travelling teams must reach a target of a minimum 0.5 sign ups per hour for every door hour worked.
  • All applicants must have fluent English.

The application/interview process

If your application meets our criteria and we feel you have potential, a member of our recruitment team will schedule a telephone interview with you. This will take approx 45 minutes.  If we are satisfied during the phone interview that you have what it takes, we will move forward from this point to reference checks. We may request police and credit checks.

Step 1: You apply.

Step 2: We contact you either to say “great, lets chat” or “sorry, but your criteria doesn’t meet our needs”.

Step 3: we conduct a phone or skype interview with you.

Step 4: We proceed to the next stage - reference and skills check.

Step 5: We like you and think you have what it takes.

Step 6: We talk through your contract and conditions and arrange a start date.

Step 7: Employment! Yay – your journey begins.

Information Pack or Further Information

Email with any questions or to submit your application – make sure you send a CV, Cover Letter and recent results (3 months at least) and 2 current referees.

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Your Visa

If you want to join the us in New Zealand you need a visa which will allow you to work. The best and the easiest option is called a "Working Holiday" visa. You should  apply for it on-line before you leave your country. Countries available for working holiday visas are listed here:

If you are unable to get a working holiday visa we may be able to help you get a visa. Each year Greenpeace New Zealand is allocated a number of visas to recruit from overseas.

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