March 2, 2022, Nairobi, Kenya: The United Nations Environment Assembly announced today the outcome of the UNEA 5.2 meeting adopting a mandate to open negotiations for a legally binding global plastics treaty that addresses the whole life cycle of plastic pollution in the environment, with negotiations opening later this year.

In response to today’s announcement, Graham Forbes, Global Plastic Project Lead at Greenpeace USA, said: 

“Today, global leaders sitting in Nairobi heard the millions of voices around the world who are demanding an end to the plastic pollution crisis. This is a clear acknowledgment that the entire lifecycle of plastic, from fossil fuel extraction to disposal, creates pollution that is harmful to people and the planet. This is a big step that will keep the pressure on big oil and big brands to reduce their plastic footprint and switch their business models to refill and reuse. Until a strong global treaty is signed, sealed, and delivered, Greenpeace and its allies will keep pushing for a world free of plastic pollution, with clean air and a stable climate.”

“It’s with gratitude and optimism that we finally get to witness this day after decades of relentless effort to rid the environment of the plastic menace. Our decision makers have made us proud and our leaders are on the side of the people at last. The ball is now in the court of the International Negotiation Committee to see this through and deliver to the world a legally binding treaty to end the plastic pollution crisis. We forge forward on our quest to close the plastic tap, it may not happen today but we keep the hope alive that in the near future our will and the will of the people will prevail to rid our environment of this plastic menace.”

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Hellen Dena, 
Communications and Story Manager | Greenpeace Africa
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