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  • 10 good reasons to protect whales

    Killing whales for food has been happening for millennia. But it was commercial whaling – turning whales into barrels of oil for profit – that led to the wholesale destruction of most of the world’s populations of big whales.The loss of whales from our oceans is the same story as overfishing of big fish –…

    Willie Mackenzie 3 min read
  • The Great Water Grab

    Water is essential for all life on earth and plays a central role in human development: from sanitation and health, to food and energy production, to industrial activities and economic development. However, human activities are depleting our planet’s water resources at an alarming rate.

    Greenpeace Africa
  • SONA exposes lack of leadership on key environmental issues: Greenpeace

    Johannesburg, 11 February 2016:

    Greenpeace Africa 1 min read
  • Eskom Set to Accelerate Water Crisis

    Coal-fired electricity is a major threat to South Africa’s already stressed water resources – and Eskom’s new mega coal plants are set to make matters even worse, further compromising water access for the poor. Currently almost a million South African households still have no access to water.

    Greenpeace Africa 3 min read