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Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.

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In 1971, motivated by their vision for a more green and peaceful world, a crew of twelve set sail from Vancouver, in an old fishing boat.

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Greenpeace is people, people like you. Winning on environmental issues means thousands of us taking the courage to act.

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#Biodiversity #Oceans PETITION: Ban bottom trawling on seamounts

Join the call to demand that the NZ Govt bans bottom trawling on seamounts and similar deep sea features, and…

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#Plastics PETITION: Ban Single-use Plastic Bottles

Call on the NZ Government to ban unnecessary single-use plastic bottles* in NZ, and to incentivise reusable and refillable alternatives.

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#Food&Farming PETITION: Phase out imported feed like PKE

Join us to call on the New Zealand Government to phase out imported animal feed like PKE for the good…

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#Biodiversity #Fishing #Oceans Protect The Oceans

From climate change and plastics, to deep sea mining and overfishing –  the threats facing our oceans are growing and…

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#Plastics End Pointless Plastic in Aotearoa

We know that plastics are choking our oceans, and putting the creatures that call it home at risk. We need…

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#Biodiversity #Oceans PETITION: Ban seabed mining

Seabed mining is a new threat to the oceans. Now is our chance to prevent the destruction before it’s too…

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#Plastics PETITION: Plastic free Aotearoa

Sign on now to get the Government to adopt a national strategy to eliminate plastic pollution in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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#Oceans PETITION: Support the creation of global ocean sanctuaries Jacinda Ardern

From destructive fishing and mining, to climate change – the threats facing our oceans are growing greater by the day.…

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#Oceans PETITION: Cameras on boats to protect the oceans

Call on the NZ Govt to commit to implementing cameras on the whole commercial fishing fleet before the end of…

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#Food&Farming PETITION: Support a shift to regenerative farming

Call on Jacinda Ardern to set up a billion dollar fund to transition New Zealand away from industrial to regenerative…

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#Food&Farming PETITION: Ban synthetic nitrogen fertiliser

Sign on now to call on the New Zealand Govt to ban chemical nitrogen fertiliser.

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#Plastics PETITION: Tell Coke to stop choking our ocean

Single-use plastic bottles are one of the worst offenders. They are killing precious seabirds like toroa (albatross) and they wind…

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#Biodiversity #Fishing #Oceans Ban Bottom Trawling on Seamounts

At home and far out to sea, our oceans are being plundered for profit by the fishing industry through bottom…

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#Climate Change #Food&Farming SUBMISSION: Have your say on our climate future

The Climate Commission has put together a draft plan for how New Zealand can reduce its emissions – and they…

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#Biodiversity #Fishing #Oceans Open Letter for Oceans Protection

Imagine a future where the ocean thrives. Where endangered species have been brought back from the brink, and families can…

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#Fishing #Oceans #Plastics Stop Ghost Fishing Gear

Ghost fishing gear is wreaking havoc on our oceans. Discarded nets, ropes and other fishing waste makes up 10% of…

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Greenpeace takes no money from corporations or governments. Our independence and ability to speak and act freely is our greatest strength. We depend on the generosity of people like you who fund our work with monthly donations.