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How food waste can help bring about a healthy farming future

September 2021

A new report by Greenpeace and The Rubbish Trip details how food and organic waste can be converted to high-quality compost to fuel a shift to regenerative farming.

Licence to Clear: The Dark Side of Permitting in West Papua

April 2021

Our new report ‘License to Clear’ urges national and provincial governments in Indonesia to seize a fleeting opportunity to intervene in a vast area slated for deforestation for palm oil…

Greenpeace submission on the Action on Agriculture proposal

August 2019

Agriculture, in particular intensive dairying, is one of New Zealand‟s largest environmental problems causing freshwater pollution, biodiversity loss, soil degradation and of course, climate change. However, if done differently, agriculture…

Greenpeace submission to the New Zealand Government’s Tax Working Group on the Future of Tax

February 2019

New Zealand’s water quality, soil health, and biodiversity are in decline, and emissions of dangerous greenhouse gases are increasing. We have a moral obligation to future generations to curb this…

A plan to Solarise New Zealand

September 2018

A plan to install solar and batteries in half a million homes over the next ten years When the Government decided to call time on offshore oil and gas exploration,…

Seize the Sun – A discussion paper on New Zealand’s clean energy future

September 2018

This discussion paper explores New Zealand’s current energy climate, the problems with our power sector, and the steps the Labour-led coalition needs to take over the next two years to…

Rogue Trader: Keeping deforestation in the family

June 2018

A new Greenpeace International investigation has revealed that Wilmar International, the world’s largest palm oil trader, is still linked to forest destruction for palm oil almost five years after committing…

REPORT: Sick of Too Many Cows

June 2017

How intensive livestock farming could be endangering our health

Greenpeace response to Dairy NZ Advertising Standards Authority Complaint

January 2017

Following a complaint by Dairy NZ to the Advertising Standards Authority about a Greenpeace TV ad, Greenpeace provided the ASA with this 13 page file of scientific evidence pointing to…

Sold Down River: How Big Irrigation Will Pollute Our Water

October 2016

When it comes to clean water, industrial agriculture remains New Zealand’s biggest challenge, and large-scale irrigation schemes planned around the country are set to make things worse.

A Deadly Trade-Off: IOI’s Palm Oil Supply and its Human and Environmental Costs

September 2016

Greenpeace has published this new report which once again demonstrates that palm oil giant IOI is still involved in deforestation and draining of the rainforest – this time through their…

The Future is Here: New Jobs, New Prosperity and a New Clean Economy

February 2013

The World is witnessing a historic, global shift in the way we power our homes our businesses and our economies. Climate change is here. How we respond is the only…

Future Investment – Energy

August 2007

This report shows that investment in renewables pays off quite quickly due to massive savings in fuel costs. In fact, a ‘business as usual’ mix in the world global power…

The power and appeal of wind

December 2006

Anyone who has struggled to stay upright in a strong Wellington or Taranaki gale is aware of the intrinsic power of the wind. Wind energy has been harnessed by people…