Dr Russel Norman, Greenpeace Executive Director
Professor Liz Slooten, zoology expert
Juressa Lee, Deep Sea Mining campaigner

In facing the urgent threats to nature and the climate, the actions we take today are crucial. But the Luxon Government has introduced what could be the single worst law ever passed for the environment. The draft ‘Fast-track Approvals Bill’ would give just three Ministers the power to approve or deny development projects. They would avoid the usual checks and balances that are in place to protect rivers, land, the ocean, and communities.

For example, mining company Trans Tasman Resources is banking on the fast track process to be able to mine the South Taranaki seabed. The Supreme Court rejected their application for environmental reasons, yet it could now be rubber-stamped.

March for nature - stop the fast-track Sat, 8 June, Aotea Square, 1pm - Rain or Shine!
Sat, 8 June, Aotea Square, 1pm – Rain or Shine!