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The just, green, and peaceful future we deserve is possible. Together we can create the power to build it.


As we approach the end of a very challenging year, we look to the the future with a new understanding of our connectedness, and the importance of working together to take care of our shared home and each other.

2020 has been really tough, but we now have an opportunity to rebuild and create a better society.

Right now, we have a golden opportunity to provide good new jobs whilst making society fairer and restoring the natural world we depend on. The Covid Recovery has given us the means to build an Aotearoa New Zealand where native forests are rebounding and once again alive with birdsong. Where water is clean and rivers are safe for swimming in again. Where we power our homes with clean energy from the sun and wind. Where our streets are safe for walking and biking to school and work. And where the oceans are teeming with fish for generations to come.

The new just, green, and peaceful future we all deserve is possible, but we must work together to make it happen. The influence of big vested interests like the fossil fuel industry, the fishing industry and the intensive agriculture industries is strong. They have profited off of exploiting nature and people and will resist the changes that could bring about a better world. 

Now, and in 2021, we must work together to ensure that we do not allow this once-in-a-generation opportunity for transformational change to pass us by. We must change the story we tell ourselves about who we are and what is possible in our country.

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