Sofia and Valeria aren’t the only sharks with an unhappy ending. Lack of regulation on the high seas has allowed destructive industrial fishing companies to devastate shark populations, endangering the entire marine ecosystem.

A Strong Global Ocean Treaty will protect sharks and their ocean home.

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PETITION: Support the creation of global ocean sanctuaries

From destructive fishing and mining, to climate change – the threats facing our oceans are growing greater by the day. We urgently need a network of ocean sanctuaries across the globe to protect them.

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Industrial fishing fleets use some of the most destructive techniques possible. Longlines extending for kilometres, with thousands of sharp hooks. Vast nets, kilometres wide, which indiscriminately catch marine life. The results are horrific.

Sharks are a vital part of the marine ecosystem. As apex predators, they regulate the ecosystem and maintain the balance between species below them in the food chain. Without sharks, the ecosystem’s health rapidly declines.

Sharks are just one victim of a broken system of global ocean governance, which prioritises profit and extraction over the health of our oceans. We need a strong Global Ocean Treaty to fix the broken status quo, protect sharks and save our oceans for future generations.