OTTAWA –  In response to the Trudeau government’s new cabinet announcement, Keith Stewart, Senior Energy Strategist at Greenpeace Canada, said:  

“Minister Guilbeault knows the file, he knows the key players and he understands just how much is at stake. He’s also a practical person who knows the rules, which is important because implementing and raising the Liberal government’s climate commitments is going to take the whole government pulling hard in the same direction. The sheer scale of the threat posed by the climate crisis demands that we continue to increase our climate ambition and action, while protecting workers and communities through the transition.

We are also hopeful that Minister Wilkinson’s move to Natural Resources Canada indicates that there will be greater cooperation on climate action across departments, as the minister of Natural Resources has in the past acted as the chief advocate for the oil industry at the Cabinet table.”


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Dina Ni, Communications Officer, Greenpeace Canada, (416) 820-2148, [email protected]