Photos and videos of the event in Montreal can be found on Greenpeace Media library.

MONTREAL – Mere hours before the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28) opened, Greenpeace activists displayed wildfires on Minister Guilbeault’s office in Montreal to demand that Canada hold the fossil fuel industry to account and make polluters pay for their destruction and harm that drives the climate crisis. The projection of forest fires alongside a fire truck were a stark reminder of this summer’s devastating wildfire season fueled by climate change. 

Greenpeace is demanding that at COP28 the Canadian government commit to a full, fast and fair fossil fuel phase out, introduce a climate damages tax on the Canadian fossil fuel industry to finance the UN Loss & Damage fund, and ensure communities hit hardest by the climate crisis receive the essential assistance they need to face the unavoidable impacts of the climate crisis.

“The record wildfires of this past summer in Canada gave us a grim experience of the devastation that so many others in the world are already facing. All this while the fossil fuel industry is cashing in record profits at everyone’s expense. It’s time for the Canadian government to stop enabling the fossil fuel industry to generate vast wealth, and make them pay to address the loss and damage their products cause.” said Salomé Sané, climate campaigner with Greenpeace Canada. 

At COP27, governments made a historic commitment to establish a new Loss and Damage Fund, and this year they must commit the funds and agree how it is governed. 

“To achieve climate justice, those most responsible for causing the climate crisis –  the most polluting countries and corporations – must finance the UN Loss and Damage Fund. It’s only fair that those who fuelled the climate crisis are first in line to pick up the tab,” said Sané. 

What we need from COP28 for success:

  • For the Paris Agreement warming limit to be kept within reach, the COP28 decision text must hold an uncompromised commitment to a just and rapid phase out of all fossil fuels, with an immediate end to new coal, oil and gas. 
  • The Global Stocktake must conclude with outcomes that kick-start transformative action across the board to limit temperatures to 1.5ºC and respond to increasing climate impacts with justice.
  • A credible finance package that responds to growing needs is essential. It must include the launch of a new Loss and Damage Fund, and move us closer to making polluters pay for the destruction and harm they have caused.


Notes to editor

Photos and videos of the event in Montreal can be found on Greenpeace Media library.

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The Greenpeace delegation will be in the UAE from 30 November with representatives available for comment. 

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