With Canada’s economic update set to be announced in a matter of weeks, there is no more time to waste. Today, in 6 cities across Canada, 50 volunteers are taking action to demand Trudeau’s government include tangible policy measures to fund and implement a green, just recovery. 

Will you amplify the message of these brave activists by flooding the social media feeds, inboxes and voice mails of key members of parliament?

⚡⚡BREAKING in Montreal, volunteers dropped a "No #GNLQuébec" banner.⚡⚡This project is incompatible with the promises of…

Posted by Greenpeace Canada on Saturday, October 17, 2020

BREAKING Activists are LIVE from Ottawa: they dropped a banner from the Mackenzie King Bridge, reading “Make Good: Green & Just Recovery”.Chrystia Freeland promised to #BuildBackBetter and today, activists across Canada are demanding the Canadian government turn their words into concrete policy measures.This is our future, there’s no more time to waste. Will you help amplify their message? Join the online Day of Action NOW >>https://act.gp/3lTC3IZ#JustRecovery

Posted by Greenpeace Canada on Saturday, October 17, 2020