The time has come for the Trudeau government to prove that its great, green ambition is  not just empty words. The 2021 federal budget is expected next month and we will learn whether the big promises of the Speech from the Throne last fall will be translated into concrete investments.

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland herself said that “the 2021 budget will be the most significant one of our lifetimes.”

In anticipation, the Liberals have launched an online pre-budget consultation… A perfect opportunity to have your voice heard! With an election likely to be called this year, it could be a make or break political moment. As stated on the federal government’s Let’s talk Budget 2021 website “Your feedback will be shared with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, the Minister of Middle Class Prosperity and Associate Minister of Finance, the Parliamentary Secretary and departmental officials. They will consider your input alongside the research economists at the Department of Finance have been doing to help inform decisions on the next Budget.”

It’s up to you now: you can share your feedback with the Trudeau government to help protect nature and create resilient communities in two easy steps:

1. You can participate in the consultation (5min)

2. You can answer the Liberals directly on Twitter and tell them what you want to fund with #YourBudget (30 sec)

Option 1: Fill out the pre-budget consultation survey for the good of communities and our planet

In 2020, Greenpeace campaigned for a green and just recovery from Covid-19. When the pandemic struck, we issued a roadmap to build a strong, sustainable and fair economy. We reiterated these recommendations when the Trudeau government returned to Parliament last September. 

We’ve summarized our recommendations below to help you complete the questionnaire. The questionnaire has sections for comments, as well as options for selecting “Other” among the options given, where you can cut and paste your favourite recommendations and other personal comments.

Budget 2021: our recommendations

1. Safeguard the environment

· Strategy to decarbonize the economy by 2040. 
· Plans to protect 30% of lands, oceans and freshwaters by 2030. 
· Expand electric transit, cycling and walking infrastructure. 
· Help transition automakers to electric vehicles by 2030. 
· Jobs in emergency efficiency and low-carbon housing for vulnerable communities. Nature-based jobs that rebuild vital, degraded ecosystems. 
· Jobs in community-based farming and regenerative agriculture. 
· Take steps to build a circular economy by supporting zero-waste innovation and implementing the ban on single-use plastics.

2. Transform social safety nets

· Living wage and universal basic income.
· National childcare program.
· National pharmacare program. 
· National sick leave.
· Safe employment conditions for care workers.

3. Justice for women, Indigenous Peoples and racialized communities

· Address the “she-cession” and ensure equal pay and safe employment conditions for all women. 
· Respect Indigenous rights, act on reconciliation, ensure justice for MMIW and guarantee clean water and good housing. 
· Defund the RCMP and invest in mental health for racialized people. 
· Citizenship and fair employment conditions for migrant workers.

4. Finance a green and just recovery

· Implement a wealth tax. 
· Ban the use of tax havens. 
· End fossil fuel subsidies. 
· Cancel construction of the TMX pipeline. 
· Make big polluters pay their fair share to stop climate change.

Option 2: Use Twitter to  tell the Liberals what you want to fund with #YourBudget 

The government is also inviting you to join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #YourBudget. Why not join the conversation by adding your contributions? You can use one of these tweets or create your own using the #YourBudget hashtag and tell the Trudeau government to keep its promises for a green and just recovery from COVID-19.

, our Future. invest now for resilient communities, protecting nature and the climate. 👉🏿Cancel Trans Mountain 👉🏾Implement UNDRIP 👉Just Transition for all And more!
: the moment of truth for the Trudeau government. Are you going to keep your promises to ? we expect investments for communities, workers, climate and nature.. And more!

You can also start a conversation directly with @FinancesCanada  or with Ms. Chrystia Freeland, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

A third option as a bonus?

Email your MP to let them know that Budget 2021 is a unique opportunity to tackle the climate crisis and inequalities.