Hundreds of organisations, including Greenpeace are working with Fridays for Future, 2020 Rebelión por el Clima and Alianza por el Clima call to organise a global climate action this Friday, April 24. 

Together, we are demanding that governments commit to just and green responses to the Covid-19 health crisis and its economic impact. 

We are striking to say  that the climate  crisis is as big a crisis to the world, as a global pandemic, and should be treated that way. Whilst, nothing should detract from the fight against Covid-19, or to take resources away from it, we cannot forget the climate emergency that is only becoming more urgent. “Global Strike for Climate” is calling on governments to commit to a Green and Just Transition that lays the foundations for a society that cares for people and planet before profit. By striking this Friday, we are asking governments to:

  • Drastically reduce net greenhouse gas emissions, in line with scientific indications and reaching carbon neutrality as quickly as possible.
  • Give absolute priority to people and vulnerable groups, including a guarantee of decent living conditions.

Join us!

When: Friday, April 24 at 10 pm

Where: Your window or balcony

What: Project light, shadow and sound


Have a good projector?  Project the images and videos onto a wall or own facade, you can download them here.

Have some cardboard? 

  • Draw the outline of the letters or shape you want to project on the template. 
  • Tip: The simpler the idea, the better it will look.   
  • Use a cutter or sharp knife to cut out the inside of your outline.
  • How far you can project depends on how strong the light source is. If your light source is weak and if it is safe, you can shine the light onto your own facade via a window.

Have some hard, flat plastic? 

  • Draw a picture or write a message with markers.
  • Dark colors cast better shadows. Thicker lines cast better shadows too.
  • Tip: Plastic is good for projecting far away. The closer the light source to the plastic the further you can project. If it’s dark enough, you can project up to 8 metres away using normal markers, a template of 15cm by 15cm and a normal flashlight.

Check out this toolkit: Find tutorials, posters, stencils and music here!

When your stencil is ready and it’s dark outside, take a lamp or flashlight and shine the light through the stencil onto the building across from you, for example.

TAKE A PICTURE and share it on facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram using #climatestrikeonline #justrecovery