A trade deal between the EU and Mercosur countries would lead to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions and is incompatible with EU and international climate laws, according to new legal analysis commissioned by Greenpeace Germany. This opens up the possibility that the deal could be challenged in the European Court of Justice by an EU government or the European Parliament. [1]

Despite widespread opposition by farmers and environmental groups, the European Commission has said it wants to continue negotiations with the aim of reaching an EU-Mercosur trade deal as soon as possible. However, a legal analysis, commissioned by Greenpeace Germany and carried out by Dr. Roda Verheyen and Prof. Dr. Gerd Winter, concludes that the free trade agreement (FTA) would not comply with existing EU and international law, because it is expected to lead to an overall rise in greenhouse gas emissions and increased deforestation. [2]

Read our media briefing and our legal analysis.


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