Brussels – A package of policy measures for the transport sector released by the European Commission fails to deliver an ambitious vision of shared mobility powered by renewable energy, said Greenpeace.

Greenpeace EU climate policy director Ansgar Kiene said: “These measures are fundamentally held back by the 20th-century obsession with the passenger car and the combustion engine. Cities and governments across Europe are way ahead of the game, exposing the car lobby’s influence on the Commission. Only with fewer cars on the roads, a firm commitment to renewable energy, and better access to clean, smart and shared modes of transport can the EU meet its climate change targets and improve the air we breathe.”

Since 2013, greenhouse gas emissions from the EU’s transport sector have been steadily increasing. According to the European Environment Agency, road transport accounts for 73 per cent of transport emissions in Europe and 44.5 per cent of that comes from passenger cars.


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