EU Commission ‘Fit for 55’ package unfit to contain climate crisis

July 2021

Despite a series of eye-catching announcements, a package of policy proposals released by the European Commission on Wednesday is unfit to tackle the climate crisis, warned Greenpeace.

Six things to look out for in EU Commission’s ‘fit for 55’ climate package

July 2021

On 14 July, the Commission will formally kick off the complex process of turning a continent-wide climate target into concrete policy measures. But the measures will fail to cut off…

5 reasons why burning trees for energy is bad for climate, people and nature

July 2021

Have you heard about the latest fake climate solutions that our policy makers are pushing? Burning wood as ‘renewable energy’ is being sold to us as a sustainable practice. In…

EU renewables rules destroying Estonia’s forests

July 2021

EU rules and national subsidy schemes that encourage the use of wood pellets to meet renewable energy targets are driving the destruction and degradation of forests

Wood Pellet Damage: renewable subsidies wrecking forests

July 2021

New research shows how burning wood as “renewable bioenergy” is not as sustainable as the EU’s climate and energy policies assert it to be.

The EU Renewable Energy Directive recast

May 2021

The European Union’s (EU) Renewable Energy Directive has had a devastating effect on forests, but is now being amended aspart of the European Green Deal. This is a major opportunity…

EU taxonomy: Commission backs 'green' investments for burning trees

April 2021

The European Commission has greenwashed green investment rules published today under the EU’s so-called EU taxonomy, said Greenpeace.

Leak: polluters gut EU green finance rules

March 2021

Major concessions to polluting industries under new EU sustainable finance rules, leaked on Monday, would stab the EU green deal in the heart, said Greenpeace.

Study: EU forests could absorb twice as much CO2

December 2020

Brussels – If managed differently, the EU’s forests could absorb twice as much CO2 every year, according to new research by Naturwald Akademie. [1] The study, commissioned…

The Future of Forests in the European Union

December 2020

Untapped potential for nature conservation and climate change mitigation

Burning gas and trees labelled as ‘green’ in EU Commission’s sustainable investment rulebook

November 2020

Brussels – The European Commission has opened the door to funding for polluting gas, bioenergy and cars by classifying them as ‘sustainable’ in a draft rulebook on green investments, known…

Why relying on offsets won't stop climate breakdown

October 2020

The European Union urgently needs an emission reduction target in line with science that does not rely on an increasingly fragile nature. Accounting tricks that allow governments to compensate carbon…

UN report on land exploitation exposes blind spot in EU climate action

August 2019

EU Green Deal must begin shift to climate change-resilient farming, Greenpeace Brussels – A landmark UN report on the impact of human land exploitation has exposed a giant gap in the…

EU Commission promises to step up action against deforestation

December 2018

Brussels – In a roadmap released today, the European Commission has promised to address global deforestation and cut the EU’s footprint on the world’s forests. The roadmap highlights the link between…

Governments call for swift EU action on global deforestation

November 2018

Brussels – Seven European governments have ramped up pressure on the European Commission to deliver a long-awaited action plan by the end of the year to tackle global deforestation. The letter…

EU Parliament demands urgent action to meet 2020 goal to halt deforestation

September 2018

Brussels – The European Parliament has demanded swift action from the European Commission to cut Europe’s footprint on the world’s forests and its associated impact on climate change, species loss and…

EU must stop palm oil deforestation, says European Parliament

April 2017

Palm oil industry identified as major cause of forest destruction The European Parliament voted in favour of a report calling on the EU to stop funding and contributing to deforestation.…