Our oceans are being plundered for profit by the fishing industry. Together we can stop this destruction, and safeguard our precious ocean wildlife.

PETITION: Ban bottom trawling on seamounts

Ministers Nash and Sage: I demand that the NZ Govt bans bottom trawling on seamounts and similar deep sea features, and stop issuing permits for bottom trawling in international waters.

The Problem

Bottom trawling is one of the most brutal and devastating forms of fishing, and it’s happening in New Zealand waters. Fishing vessels drag vast weighted nets through delicate ecosystems, like over seamounts, and destroy everything in their path. Seamounts have been shown not to recover from this practice for over a decade, which is bad news for the species that find a home there.

The Solution

The Government is still allowing the fishing industry to plunder these precious ecosystems for profit, and in 2019 announced that more bottom trawling would be allowed for the next season. Protecting our oceans is paramount in the fight against climate change and the fight to save precious marine species.

Ban bottom trawling in New Zealand, Parliament Lawn
Taking the fight to ban bottom trawling to Parliament lawn, November 2019

What is bottom trawling?

Watch the video to find out what bottom trawling is and why it’s so problematic for our oceans.

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