Burning fossil fuels like oil, gas, and coal is the major driver of climate change. Although the New Zealand Government banned new offshore oil exploration permits in principle, in reality they are extending licences and allowing oil companies like OMV to drill for new oil and gas that we can’t afford to burn.

Another world is possible. One where our homes, businesses and even our transport system are powered by clean, NZ-grown energy from the sun, wind and water. A world where we live in harmony with nature rather than exploiting it at our own peril.

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With your help, we can open the door to a clean energy future for Aotearoa New Zealand. Be part of the generation that ends oil.


Austrian oil giant OMV is one of the oil companies responsible for 71% of global emissions since 1988. Now they’re planning to drill 22 wells in Taranaki and the Great South Basin. We've written their eviction notice. Sign on before we deliver it to them.

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By installing solar panels and batteries on half a million homes over the next ten years, we can really start to meet the challenge of the climate crisis, increase the resilience of our power grid, and give affordable power back to the people.

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It’s time to start a solar revolution! To really make oil history, we need to eclipse dirty energy by transforming our energy system. Read about this new energy vision for Aotearoa and share it far and wide.

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Order a free iron-on transfer to make your own OMG OMV shirt, take a pic and post it on @OMV’s social media pages with #OMVGTFO and #PeopleVsOil

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Peaceful civil disobedience has been a catalyst for change throughout history and has been used by Greenpeace over the last four decades to show the immense power that people have to change the world.

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Making Oil History