A healthy environment is essential to a green and peaceful world. We work to protect nature in all its biodiversity.

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Climate change is the greatest threat to life on earth, but it is also our greatest opportunity. We have a chance to re-stabilise our delicate…

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We fight environmental injustice, expose big polluters, and challenge those who want to trap us in old stories.

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Powerful, corrupting and polluting, the oil and gas industry has no place in our collective future. Together we can resist it.

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We work together to usher in a greener, fairer and more peaceful future for all.

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#Clean Energy

Renewable energy is cheap, sustainable, and already making our planet more green and peaceful. It disrupts corporate energy systems and it’s better for our health…

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Hope beats hate

by Russel Norman

Yesterday we saw the best, and the worst. Thousands of young people came together to demand a brighter future, and a small group of far-right white nationalists carried out a…

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