Join us on Monday 21 March for a non-violent peaceful act of civil disobedience at SkyCity Convention Centre, co-ordinated by Greenpeace in the tradition of Te Whiti and Tohu, and Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr.

We are also asking that everyone who would like to take part to please also attend a briefing on Sunday 20th March at 1pm. Coming to this will help greatly with the continuity of the demonstration on the day.

BRIEFING DAY Sunday 20 March

We will be meeting for an important briefing at 12:30pm on Sunday, March 20 at the grassy area of Federal Square in Central Auckland. This will be a chance to talk about peaceful civil disobedience, ask questions, and prepare for the following day. Coming to the briefing will help greatly with the integrity and power of the protest. (Federal Square is right in front of St Patrick’s Cathedral, here’s a map ).

The briefing will finish at 5pm. We will be providing some light food upon arrival, but if you’d like to bring your own lunch please do. It would be great if you could bring a water bottle.

DAY OF ACTION Monday 21 March
If you can’t come to the briefing on Sunday, meet us at 6.30am sharp on Monday morning in Aotea Square between the Aotea Centre and Bledisloe House. Phew! I know it’s an early start for a Monday but it’s essential for the success of the protest.

The protest will take place throughout the morning and possibly into the afternoon. Please come, even if you can only come later to the Skycity Convention centre itself, or stick around for part of the time in support of the protestors.”

What to bring that day:

Please wear the brightest coloured plain / non-branded clothes you can find!
We suggest a small back pack for a water bottle, some snacks, a hat, sunscreen / raincoat etc.

In 1981, Harry was one of thousands of New Zealanders that stood up against Apartheid and helped close down Rugby Park during the Springbok tour. Listen to his first-hand account of why peaceful civil disobedience is so important >>>

Posted by Greenpeace New Zealand on Monday, 7 March 2016

Despite years of public opposition and a failure to find any oil, John Key’s Government continues to invite oil companies to do risky deep sea drilling in NZ waters. Searching for the very oil the world can’t afford to burn if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Only three months after signing the international agreement in Paris to limit global warming, Key’s government will host yet another international oil conference at the SkyCity Convention Centre to push forward with their oil extraction agenda.

Faced with the greatest challenge of our time people all over the world are standing up. We are calling for an escalation in protest tactics at the oil conference in Auckland this year. We are inviting you to join us in a co-ordinated demonstration of peaceful civil disobedience.


In 1977, Pakihana Grant Hawke was one of the two hundred occupiers at Bastion Point – protesting plans to develop high-cost housing on land owned by the Crown that had previously been owned by Ngāti Whātua – the occupation lasted for 507 days.Listen to his first-hand account of why peaceful civil disobedience is so important…#RealClimateAction

We need you to help us make this action the strongest it can be. The power of people and peaceful participation is the most effective way for us to say no to the oil industry and demand that the Government take Real Climate Action Now.

This peaceful act of civil disobedience will take place on the morning of Monday, 21 March, at the SkyCity Convention Centre, so you might need to reorganise your usual Monday routine to take part.

If you do want to take part, we’d like you to attend a briefing on Sunday 20 March at 1pm – coming to this will help greatly with the integrity of the demonstration on the day.

Because history shows that people power is the most effective tool we have.

Because this is something that affects us all – everyone and everything on our planet.

Join us!